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Berkley Launches Newly Updated Website

COLUMBIA, S.C. (March 2, 2016) – The digital space is continually evolving, anglers have more tools at their disposal and are continually scouring the internet in search of sites that are user friendly and offer a better all-around experience. Keeping this in mind, Berkley has recently revamped its online presence. Offering a refreshed homepage Berkley consumers now have a visually striking user experience that matches the innovation and technology behind its products.

Visitors to the site have the ability to easily navigate the entire portfolio with fewer clicks to get where they want to go to find their favorite products. Berkley has also introduced new sections to the website, a Community section, Pro profiles and Fishing Evolved.

“At Berkley we pride ourselves on bringing innovation and technology to our products so it’s only a natural extension to be the leader in the digital space as well,” said Josh Silva, Brand Marketing Manager – Berkley. “The Community section will be a dynamic content hub moving forward. It will house blog articles, tackle tips, videos and aggregate our social media content.” The Fishing Evolved section highlights new product launches. It provides consumers an opportunity to explore the new hard baits and hooks, watch video and ultimately drive purchase. The new Pro section highlights the key Berkley bass Pros such as Mike Iaconelli, Skeet Reese and Justin Lucas and allows consumer to connect with the pros via their social media channels.

“The addition of the new sections to our website and subsequent changes to the homepage of was a collective effort,” said Josh Silva, Brand Marketing Manager – Berkley. “The entire team worked extremely hard to bring a better website visit to the Berkley fan. Anglers are able to stay on top of what is happening at Berkley and see what is coming around the corner. We want the online experience to positively reflect our desire to help anglers catch more fish.”

For more information visit for a better online experience.